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Respected Attorneys Serving Flagler and Volusia Counties, FL

Your Law Firm for Life... Since 1973

Chiumento Selis Dwyer,PL is a full-service law firm dedicated to providing strategic and equitable legal counsel for individuals, families, and businesses. The skilled, committed, and caring attorneys and staff of Chiumento Selis Dwyer,PL have been serving the legal needs of Florida residents for over 40 years. Whether you are seeking legal counsel or representation for family law cases, bankruptcy filings, personal injury claims, or other legal matters, an experienced lawyer with Chiumento Selis Dwyer,PL is here to help you. For your convenience we have offices in both Flagler and Volusia Counties.

An accident that results in a serious injury can have devastating repercussions to an individual’s health, employment, financial status, and overall cost of living. If you are experiencing the after-effects of an accident and need a personal injury attorney in Flagler County we are your local office to call, We handle all forms of personal injury cases including:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injury, death, and property damage caused by an auto collision can result in tens of thousands of dollars in expenses, not to mention the physical and emotional trauma resulting from the loss. A local attorney can help you recover some of the financial losses resulting from a vehicle collision whether from a car or motorcycle accident.

DUI Accidents

When an injury or fatal accident occurs as the result of drugs or alcohol, impaired drivers should be held fully liable for their actions. If you have been injured due to a DUI-related accident in which you were not at fault, we have a local, DUI accident attorney with Chiumento Selis Dwye,PLr to represent you.

Personal Injury

If you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you deal with losses from death, injury, disability, or property damage from an accident, contact Chiumento Selis Dwyer,PL for legal advice and support. We pursue injury claims resulting from accidents related to premises liability (e.g. slip and fall), product liability, defective products, construction sites, medical malpractice, birth injury, brain injury, and uninsured drivers, among others.

Immigration Law

While there are many reasons to come to the United States, there are only two paths to permanently staying here: Permanent Residency (Green Card), and Citizenship (Naturalization). Obtaining either can be difficult depending on the circumstances, and the process can at times be complicated. We are here to help.

Our experience in navigating through the hurdles of immigration can make the experience easier and ensure that your application is completed promptly, properly, and in a legally sufficient manner.

Bankruptcy Law

Recent economic woes coupled with double-digit unemployment have left many Floridians facing financial difficulties, even ruin. Unfortunately, many individuals wait until their savings are completely depleted before considering bankruptcy.

If you’re crippled by overwhelming debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may offer you a way out, including debt reduction and sometimes forgiveness. A qualified bankruptcy attorney can explain your options, guide you through the filing process, and assist you in determining which option may best suit your needs.

You may have already considered bankruptcy as a solution for getting out of debt. What you may not realize, however, is that recent federal legislation changed the eligibility requirements for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, making it more difficult for many individuals to qualify. When you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Palm Coast, the firm of Chiumento Selis Dwyer,PL can help you assess your situation and determine whether you are eligible for Chapter 7 or must file Chapter 13 (debt repayment).

If you’re in financial straits and considering bankruptcy, don’t put off the decision any longer. Contact an attorney with Chiumento Selis Dwyer,PL today to discuss your legal options in dealing with debt and reclaiming your financial footing.

Family Law

At Chiumento Selis Dwyer, PL, we know that divorce and child custody are extremely sensitive matters. That’s why each divorce attorney the law firm of Chiumento Selis Dwyer is committed to upholding the needs of each family member in proceedings stemming from divorce or other legal situation.

Divorce and legal separation present a range of challenges for the couple whose relationship is dissolving. These may be financial in nature (asset division, property dispersal, prenuptial agreements, etc.) or pertain to the family environment (child custody, visitation rights). At Chiumento Selis Dwyer,PL, we are dedicated to ensuring that all divorce proceedings are conducted with the utmost sensitivity and integrity.

For a qualified family divorce lawyer in Flagler and Volusia Counties, contact the firm of Chiumento Selis Dwyer,PL. Let our legal team help you with the difficult process of settling with your spouse and protecting both your interests and those of your family.

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is a tremendous tragedy for surviving family members. Death resulting from a careless accident, failure of responsibility, or negligence on the part of a company or individual compounds the loss and may result in lifelong emotional scars, not to mention financial distress and long-term damage.

A wrongful death lawyer with Chiumento Selis Dwyer,PL can help your family deal with the financial effects of death as the result of negligence or careless behavior. We will carefully investigate the circumstances and individuals surrounding the loss of your loved one and diligently pursue compensatory damages and lost wages pertaining to a wrongful death.

Whether your legal situation is financial, family-related, or medical, when you need a lawyer in Flagler or Volusia County you can count on to provide exceptional personal counsel and top-notch legal representation, call the experienced attorneys at Chiumento Selis Dwyer,PL.

Contact us today for a consultation and let us serve your legal needs.
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