Animal Abusers Registry

by: Chiumento Selis Dwyer P.L. | Legal

We have all heard all about Sex Offender Registries.  People who commit certain types of crimes considered to…


New Study Shows Millennials Engage in Unsafe Driving Practices

by: Chiumento Selis Dwyer P.L. | Car Accident

For anyone driving in Palm Beach County or Flagler County, Florida, it is important to think about car…


“Why Won’t My Doctor See Me”

by: Chiumento Selis Dwyer P.L. | Car Accident

Written by Attorney Lewis A. Berns Here in the State of Florida, we have PIP insurance which is…


Traumatic Brain Injuries and Recovery Time: The Latest Research

by: Chiumento Selis Dwyer P.L. | Personal Injury

Songwriters and poets try to define the essence of being human by focusing on the heart and soul,…


There Are Many Alarming Alzheimer’s Statistics

by: Chiumento Selis Dwyer P.L. | Elder Law

The technical definition of Alzheimer’s disease seems so simplified from what patients and caregivers often experience. For example,…

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